Night Guards and TMJ (Bruxism, Teeth Grinding)

Many people clench or grind their teeth, especially during sleep — this is called bruxism. Over a long period of time, bruxism can wear down tooth surfaces and can result in multiple tooth problems including cracked or broken teeth, tooth pain, sensitive teeth and head, neck, muscle and joint pain including morning headaches and TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

The main cause is muscle tension brought on by stress. It may come and go throughout your life.
The “easiest” way to stop bruxism is to become aware of it. Notice when you are clenching or grinding, and simply try to relax. 

Unfortunately bruxism is a habit which can be difficult to control.  To help you during the night a custom-fitted night guard may be recommended. It acts like a guard over your teeth to protect our natural teeth, dental restorations, muscles and joints from further trauma and wear.

Night Guards

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