Custom Sport Mouthguards

Sports injuries are a leading cause of tooth loss. Dr. Resendes & Team believe in prevention of injuries to the mouth, bone, teeth and gums, and promote the use of professional custom-made mouthguards to provide optimal protection.

Custom Mouthguards Are Different

  • Custom-fit mouthguards are more comfortable than stock mouthguards—even the boil-and-bite ones.
  • They’re less bulky, which makes talking, breathing, and swallowing easier.
  • Because of the quality of the materials used, they last longer.
  • You’ll enjoy added protection against cut lips, a cut tongue, and concussions.

Remember… Both Adults And Youth…

Mouthguards are recommended for just about every sport—basketball, baseball, soccer, skating, or any activity where your face may get hit by an elbow, a ball, or the ground! Talk to us about a custom mouthguard fitting to avoid injury and to stay at the top of your game!

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