Cleanings and Preventive Oral Hygiene Care

Cleanings with a Registered Dental Hygienist

The Canadian Dental Association suggests that for optimal oral health, tartar and calcium buildup should be removed every three-to-six months. Recent dental research also shows a strong connection between oral health and overall health. Poor oral health is linked to diabetes and heart disease, for example. A thorough dental cleaning will help us detect or diagnose oral problems from tooth decay to gum infections to oral cancers.

Dr. Resendes’s team of caring and qualified hygienists are members of the MDHA (Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association) and registered with the CDHA (Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association) and the CDHM (College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba). Our patients will receive high quality of care from specially trained professionals who specialize in oral health promotion and disease prevention.  


At our dental office, dental hygienists do more than clean teeth!

Cleanings with a registered hygienist

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